Bohin Needles are French-made, high-quality nickel-plated steel, hand needles. For more than 184 years the company has strived to produce quality products for artistic creations. Considered the favourite among professionals, we know you will enjoy the quality and feel of Bohin Needles for your hand stitching projects.

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Bohin Needle Threader
Needle Threader

Bohin Flower Head Pin
Flower Head Pin

Bohin Embroidery Needle Size 10
Embroidery Needle Size 10

Bohin Quilting Between Size 9
Quilting Between Size 9

Bohin Quilting Between Size 3/9
Quilting Between Size 3/9

Bohin Quilting Between Size 12
Quilting Between Size 12

Bohin Tapestry Needle Size 26
Tapestry Needle Size 26

Bohin Tapestry Needle Size 18
Tapestry Needle Size 18

Bohin Tapestry Needle Size 16
Tapestry Needle Size 16

Bohin Tapestry Needle Size 14
Tapestry Needle Size 14

Bohin Tapestry Needle 22/24/26
Tapestry Needle 22/24/26

Bohin Knitting Dolls
Knitting Dolls

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