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Bernette b33

The affordable sewing machine for beginners – compact and easy to use

The bernette 33 mechanical sewing machine with stylish Swiss design is the perfect model for beginners. Its simple operation makes it easier to learn the basics of sewing. This machine is durable and robust with excellent stitch quality and all the functions a new sewist will need. All the settings can be adjusted by turning the two knobs. The bernette 33 offers 15 stitches, including buttonholes, and has a maximum stitch width of 5 mm. The 2-step presser foot lift, the needle threader and the manual thread cutter make it easy to thread the machine and get started. 5 different snap-on presser feet are included with the bernette 33.



Key Features:

  • Large accessory box
  • Manual thread cutter
  • Semi-automatic needle threader
  • Simple knobs
  • Stable presser foot shank and bobbin rods
  • Swiss design


5mm stitch width

Especially useful for decorative sewing, create beautiful borders and appliqués with next to no effort.

Bernette b33 5mm stitch width

Semi-automatic threader–The quick and easy way to thread your needle

The semi-automatic threader of the bernette 33 takes all the hassle out of threading your needle. Complicated threading is a thing of the past as the threader simply catches hold of the thread and pulls it through the eye of the needle. This means the bernette 33 is ready to go in seconds-and you can get started on your creative sewing project.

Bernette b33 Semi-automatic threader–The quick and easy way to thread your needle

2-step foot lift-For sewing several layers of fabric

However thick or thin your chosen fabric–the bernette 33 ensures perfect stitch quality. It manages even thick or heavy layers of fabric with ease, as the 2-step foot lift provides extra space under the presser foot. Simply raise the presser foot lift of the bernette 33-and even thick layers of denim or linen can be placed effortlessly under the presser foot. Thanks to its excellent piercing power, you can sew through several layers of fabric with ease. The pressure of the presser foot can be adjusted to suit any textile–which means that even sewing projects requiring tricky fabrics can be managed to perfection with the bernette 33.

Bernette b33 2-step foot lift-For sewing several layers of fabric

Simple knobs for all sewing settings

The two non-slip knobs make it easy to adjust the stitch type and length. The 4-step buttonhole function can also be adjusted as you sew, with a simple turn of the knob.

bernette b33 Simple knobs for all sewing settings

Numerous convenient extras ensure even more sewing enjoyment

As well as being simple to operate, the bernette 33 offers an easily accessible reverse lever, ample space and an accessory box for storing your sewing tools so that they are always at hand.

Bernette b33 Numerous convenient extras ensure even more sewing enjoyment


  • Stitch width         5 mm
  • Hook system       CB
  • Buttonhole          Four-step
  • Utility stitches    14
  • Patterns               15
  • Speed (stitches/minute) 860


  • Foot control
  • Bobbins (3x)
  • Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)
  • Needle set
  • Zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot with slide
  • Blindstitch foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button-sew-on foot


Stitch Overview bernette 33

Bernette b33 Stitch pattern


Click on the images below to view the bernette b35 Brochure

Bernette b33 Brochure

Bernette b33 model comparison

b35 + b33 Tutorial – Bobbing winding and threading

b35 Tutorial – Selecting and sewing stitches

b35 Tutorial – Sewing buttonholes

b35 + b33 Tutorial – Sewing on buttons

b35 Tutorial – Sewing rolled hems



Included accessories:

Bernette b33 Blindstitch foot (Models 35, 38)

Blindstitch foot (Models 35, 38)

The blindstitch presser foot for attractive blind hemming on clothing and home textiles.

Bernette b33 Button-sew-on foot

Button-sew-on foot

This allows you to sew on buttons and rings, as well as other ornamentation.

Bernette b33 Zipper foot

Zipper foot

Unlock your creativity with the zipper foot for easy and challenging sewing projects, as well as zippers and beading work.

Bernette b33 Zigzag foot

Zigzag foot

The ideal companion for ongoing sewing projects, as well as for decorative stitches and patchwork projects.

Bernette b33 Buttonhole foot with slide

Buttonhole foot with slide

The perfect foot for sewing buttonholes, with or without cording.

Bernette b33 Bobbins


The bernette bobbins always maintain the thread tension consistent. It enables you to produce accurate sewing and embroidery projects.



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Note: Images and videos used are for illustrative purposes only.



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