No Count Cross Stitch

No Count Cross Stitch


No Count Cross Stitch are cross stitch patterns that have their designs printed on the Aida cloth so that no counting is required. They are easy to immediately identify each area of colour to stitch. Stitching directly on the fabric without having to count makes it more relaxing for the eyes and the mind. No-Count Cross Stitch designs are easier and faster to finish without losing the detail you love. Guidelines wash away and leave a beautiful design for you to frame. The count of the Aida fabric refers to how many stitches can be made in one inch.

All Kits include:
• Precise print colour printed Aida cloth
• Pre-sorted threads
• Embroidery needle
• Colour printed chart including complete stitching instructions




No Count Cross Stitch
14 Count Aida
  • A higher stitch count the smaller the stitches are
  • Easy and fun
  • Faster to finish
  • Comes in many designs and sizes
  • Design size starts from 12 x 12cm
  • Suitable for ages 14+


No Count Cross Stitch
11 Count Aida
  • Larger stitches
  • Coloured printed background
  • Full colour printed paper chart
  • Comes in many designs and sizes
  • Design size starts from 43 x 43cm
  • Suitable for ages 14+



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