Diamond Dotz on Demand

Diamond Dotz on Demand





Upload your favorite image and create a sparkling Diamond Dotz® heirloom! From the substrate and print process to the adhesive and the diamond facets, we have used the highest quality materials to ensure that your personalised Diamond Dotz® art will meet your expectations.

The Diamond Dotz® technique is remarkably easy to master, whether you are a beginner or not. Diamond Dotz® is one of the quickest crafts to complete, while still providing a wonderful sense of accomplishment. The stunning sparkle of each facet and the superior canvas quality make for a completed project like none other!



Always use high resolution images
Select an image larger than 512KB and smaller than 10MB
Make sure the images are well lit
Do not use images that are blurry or pixelated
Close-up images work better



Our artists will take care of your images for the best possible result, optimising colors, brightness and contrast. This service is provided free of charge.


Upload your image
Select your desired size
Add to cart and go to checkout
Select payment & shipping method
Minimum of 4 weeks for delivery

Please remember that the larger the image the more refined and detailed the end result. Do not use copyright or licensed materials. Your image may be rejected if it is found to be owned by someone else. Eg. Disney, Marvel, TV shows, movies and game related images that are not of a parody nature. Your image should be one you have photographed or designed. By submitting you are agreeing that you own the image or have been given permission to use it.


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Once you upload your image, you can now select both the size and orientation you would like your Diamond Dotz®.

Custom Diamond Dotz

Custom Diamond Art

Diamond Painting Size variations

Diamond dotz Painting

Custom Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting original size

Diamond Painting - before and after

Diamond Painting sample - swimmer

Diamond Painting cricket sample

5c Diamond Painting sample - runner

custom Diamond Painting kayak sample

Diamond dotz Painting BFFs sample

Diamond Dotz on Demand


Diamond Dotz on Demand RESET - Undos all edits made with rotate and zoom
ROTATE - Turns image clockwise 90 degrees each time
ZOOM OUT - Zooms image out
ZOOM IN - Zooms image in, to move image around click and drag outside of image size selection
START AGAIN - Resets everything back to uploading image
NEXT/PREVIEW - Shows your image pixel estimation to give you an idea of how your Diamond Dotz® dotting chart will look and option to add Diamond Dotz® image to cart


Diamond Dotz on Demand START

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