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Brother ScanNCut Machine

The ScanNCut machine from Brother will revolutionise the way you craft and create.

The versatility lies in the built-in scanner making this the only cutting machine that can take scanned images, photos or hand- drawn sketches and turn them into unique cutting designs. No more design cartridges and no PC required, changing the way you think about cutting machines forever.

The CM550DX has 840 built-in designs; add a 300 DPI built-in colour scanner that can create outline cutting designs from a hand drawn sketch, or original art of something seen in a magazine without the use of a PC.

Now the only thing limiting your cutting creativity is your imagination!

ScanNCut is perfect for those who have a passion for creating one-of-a-kind crafts and projects.

  • Quilters can create custom quilt blocks and cut several layers of fabric at a time transforming the way you craft and create.
  • Paper crafters and scrap bookers are no longer be limited by the cartridge, cut personalised elements like handwriting to make projects your own.
  • Sewers will easily cut fabric pieces, draw in sewing guidelines and add a seam allowance.
  • Multi-media artists have unlimited creative potential with the ability to cut a variety of surfaces and materials.
  • DIY crafters are able to create patterns and cut materials to use in any crafting or DIY project.


The Brother ScanNCut home and hobby cutting machine allows you to;

See it – a favourite photo or see an image in a magazine, maybe online or in your mind’s eye; then use it, print it or sketch it.

Scan it - scan in those photos, printouts or sketches with the 300 DPI built-in scanner.

Cut it - choose your medium, paper, fabric, vinyl – at the press of a button your design is cut perfectly.

Create it - showcase your beautifully cut designs throughout your favourite projects.


CM900 | ScanNCut (Wireless LAN ready) 

New model - Brother Scan and Cut



RRP $699

Perfect for Appliqué Design, Cutting Fabric, Creating Quilt Blocks and Paper Craft.

If you were excited about our ScanNcut before, you will definitely be amazed by the new CM900. This new model has some amazing new features and improvements that will help take your cutting of fabrics and paper to a whole new level.

- See more at: /machines/scan--n--cut/brother/brother-scanncut-machine---cm900.aspx#sthash.4zU8Fn6e.dpuf


The CM900 ScanNCut machine includes the following accessories:


  • CM900
  • Touch pen (x 1)
  • Simple Spatula (x 1)
  • Accessory pouch (x 1)
  • Standard Mat 12” x 12” (x 1)
  • Mid-Tack adheisive mat 12” x 12” (x 1)
  • Standard Cut Blade (x 1)
  • Standard Cut Blade Holder (x 1)
  • 6 color pen set (x 1)
  • 2 erasable pen set (x 1)
  • Pen holder (x 1)
  • High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet: 12” x 12” (x 2)
  • Iron-on Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet: 12” x 12” (x 2)
  • CD
  • - Basic Quilting Guide
  • - Operation Manual
  • - Pattern List
  • - Wireless network Setup Guide
  • Touch pen and Spatula Stand
  • AC Adapter
  • Power cord


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